IBM z/VM Spotlight

Performance Data Pump

The z/VM Performance Data Pump extends Performance Toolkit with the ability to extract real-time performance data and send that to enterprise observability products for visualization and analysis, leveraging the customer processes for alerting and reporting. The Data Pump includes support for Splunk. For customers who can use open source, a solution is demonstrated using InfluxDB and Grafana. Sample dashboards for Grafana will be provided. The IBM Z Container Registry offers container images for use with Linux on z/VM.

Watch the videos:

Performance Data Pump features:

  • Brings modern tooling to the z/VM Performance Toolkit product
  • Use provided dashboards or create your own
  • Flexibility to use popular platforms like Grafana and/or Splunk
  • Monitor multiple systems at once

Available now

For information on this new feature for z/VM 7.3, please visit: