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The runREXX Framework

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The runREXX Framework

  • Overview

  • Installation Instructions
  • Quick start

  • The runREXX Framework

    The version of the package is documented in the provided users guide.


    Do you want to develop, test and run REXX programs with a few mouse clicks? Then the provided runREXX framework will do the trick for you.

    The framework allows to develop REXX programs intuitivly in an eclipse framework. This could be classic REXX but also ooREXX.

    runREXX is fully implemented in REXX by taking in account the context of the selected file to be processed.

    runREXX also contains a preprocessor to create reusable functions and allow selective unit testing of a part of a program or the program itself. Other built in features are provided such as to create source code documentation. For example it supports creating html from BookMaster tags (using the tool B2H).

    By using eclipse as the underlying framework it enriches runREXX with its capabilities dependend on which eclipse based distribution is used. One nice built-in feature of eclipse is the file compares and searches with refactoring support. The other is the use of source code library systems to manage eclipse project contents.

    For more details on its capabilities just download the package, unzip it and start following the users guide located in /runREXX/doc/runREXX_ug/runREXXug.pdf. Follow the first steps below in "Installation Instructions" to get started.

    Are you working with the operating system z/VM?

    The origin of this framework was actually the idea to provide an modern user interface to develop z/VM REXX code in an intuitive and controlled manner in a fast and simple way. It was meant to enrich, not replace the CMS development environment of z/VM.

    The idea was an is to just use REXX and take in addition what comes for free or what a z/VM user already has like the IBM Personal Communication (PCOMM) product. Currently we support a Windows based environment.

    Especially for classic REXX development with z/VM as the target system the runREXX framework allows to edit and maintain the program sources through eclipse projects on the PC but running them with a mouse click on a z/VM system.

    runREXX will send and executing them through a IBM Personal Communication (PCOMM) session as simple as exectuing them on the PC. You may even start it from the PC and use the REXX trace on z/VM if needed. runREXX is meant as an extension for experienced z/VM users to gain the capabilites of eclipse and integrate in a distributed development environment where needed and also for newcomers to z/VM which are used to an eclipse based environment and learn step by step z/VM. For example some special features for z/VM beyond the basic REXX oriented development are

    • Edit on the PC and transfer or run the Rexx program on z/VM by a mouse click
    • Collective file transfer to and from a z/VM session is supported.
    • An easy way to maintain Bookmaster files and create html output by a mouse click.

    Note that with a basic eclipse you can do things (like visual side by side compare) that is beyond the built-in capabilties of z/VM.

    Using this framework extends, but NOT replaces your z/VM development environment, to enrich and not replace your work environment with state of the art function.

    Installation Instructions

    It assumes that you have downloaded the distribution package for runREXX (which is a zip file) on to your computer.

    The installation process is quite simple. You need at least a windows system and ooREXX on your PC and an eclipse development environment of your choice. The eclipse framework can be get via 1 and ooREXX via 2

    Using eclipse you can then import the zip file to create the projects to start with. This will create one to many project to use and learn the runREXX framework.

    In the runREXX project you will then find the users guide with detailed install instructions and a Getting started section.

    If you do not know at this time how to start with eclipse you have to unzip the file and read the Users Guide /runREXX/doc/runREXX_ug/runREXXug.pdf providing detailed information on installation, getting started and using the runREXX framework.

    Quick start

    We give you a brief idea on the steps to get started assuming you already have an eclipse and ooREXX on your PC. You will start using runREXX with the following steps:

    1. Start eclipse with a workspace of your choice. For learning how to use runREXX it is recommended to start with a new workspace such as <yourPath>/runREXXdemo

    2. Close the Welcome page

    3. Choose File->Import.

    4. Open the Folder General and select "Existing Projects into Workspace". Press the next button.

    5. In the dialog "Import Projects" choose "Select archive file" and through the "Browse" button select the location of the file.

    6. This now lists all the contained eclipse projects.

    7. Select at least the project runREXX. Press the Finish button.

      It is however recommended to also select all the others for reference or going through the documentation to assist the learning process of the runREXX framework.

    8. Open the runREXX project and open the Users Guide located at /runREXX/doc/runREXX_ug/runREXXug.pdf to proceed. You may start reading the chapter "First steps after installation".

    9. Import the provided launcher configuration

      You are ready to go.

    For details and the first Rexx program you should refer to the provided Users Guide.