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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium


GUIWDOC contains some HTML documentation for GUIWIRE. GUIWIRE is a CMS/GUI application to build other CMS/GUI applications.

GUIWIRE's documentaion is placed in a separate package as it is rather big (due to the screen captures). This results is quicker download times and I can change one without the other.

GUIWDOC must be read using a Web browser. tion)

Its files (HTML, JPG and GIF) can be installed on a VM web server or simply in a directory of your own PC.

More installation instructions in GUIWDOC PACKAGE.

Note As for most PACKAGE files, the recommended viewing method is:


Major Changes in GUIWDOC V 1.2 20 Jun 2001

  • Addition of two extra HTML files
    • GUIWBUGS HTML list DT bugs (and bypasses)
    • GUIWIX HTM a rudimentary index on the other HTML documents
  • A new chapter in GUIWIN4 HTML, describing how one can adapt the frame layout of a GUIWIRE application at runtime. For example how to add a varying number of push buttons.