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* :nick.GETFILE    :sec.Unclassified                  :disk.IBMVMGAT
* :title.Remotely-initiated uploading of PC file to VM user
* :version.1.1     :date.93/07/25   :summary.README   :support.X
* :oname.Tim Greer                  :onode.GDLVM7     :ouser.GREER7A
* :aname.Tim Greer                  :anode.GDLVM7     :auser.GREER7A
* :sw.PWSCS
* :ops.VM/ESA, OS/2                 :lang.REXX        :source.Y
* :kwd.PWSCS file transfer upload REXX CPIC APPC communication ISFC
* :abs.These files were put together to make possible remotely-initiated
* uploading of a file from a PC to a VM host.  Typical use would be
* if you were logged on with your home terminal, and want a file that
* is on your PC at work.
*  To use, you need OS/2 and PWSCS on your workstation, and the PWSCS on
* your workstation has to be talking to your VM system (via a domain
* controller, and all that...:-).
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.
GETFILE  CMD     *     PC side of conversation
GETPCFIL EXEC    *     VM side of conversation
BSTART   COMDIR  *     UCOMDIR NAMES file for VM side
GETFILE  README  *     What purports to be documentation
GETFILE  LICENSE *     License agreement