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Peter G Spera
Sr. Software Engineer
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After a career as a professional chemist and a stroll through graduate school (so computer folks would take me seriously), I joined IBM in 1992 as part of the mainframe software design organization. I had the opportunity to continue growing my computer security skills in addition to a short (5 year) sojourn into Object Oriented technologies, (Objects on MVS). After returning to the System z System Integrity Competency Center, I began to develop updated procedures for bringing System z Security APAR information to those that have a need to know. From 2000 on, I have taken on the mission of bringing security (a small word for a very large field) to Linux on System z. This continues to be a challenge as new technologies, cryptography, and standards evolve.

Below are a few links that you might find interesting or I might have mentioned in a presentation or phone call. Drop me a note, using the mail link next to my picture above, if you can't find something I mentioned or if there is a problem with one of the links or documents.

Currently my mission encompasses the following three security areas:

  • Linux for System z Strategy/Architecture/Design
  • System z Security APAR Distribution Process owner
    • To report a System z Securty / Integrity issue, please send an email to with a subject of "Security Report".
  • System z vulnerability focal point

Other links of interest:

z/VM Developer Pages
Linux on System z Resources

Stay tuned, content will be added when available.

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