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z/VM Cloud Connector Maintenance

z/VM Cloud Connector for z/VM 6.4

This page is currently under construction, will be ready at March 2018

z/VM cloud Connector is a development toolkit for managing z/VM hosts and virtual machines. It provides a set of RESTful APIs to operate z/VM resources including guest, image, network, volume etc.Upper layer system management solutions can consume these RESTful APIs directly to manage z/VM.

Service information

The table below lists all z/VM Cloud Connector releases chronologically, from newest to oldest.

Date Version levels Doc links
Feb 26 2018 1.0.0 z/VM Cloud Connector 1.0.0 Document

Installation and Configuration

  • Download from FixCentral
  • The z/VM Cloud Connector tool is composed of two packages: python-zvm-sdk and zthin, both packages are shipped in the IBM FixCentral. You can download the appropriate packages according to the version and the platform you intend to install the z/VM Cloud Connector onto.

  • Installation
  • z/VM Cloud Connector should be installed inside a Linux running on z/VM. Currently supported distributions versions are:
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES12sp3 or higher
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 or higher
    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    Please refer to prerequirements of using z/VM Cloud connector for the pre-requirements of the server to install the z/VM Cloud Connector onto and finish the setup steps before starting the following steps:

  • Package dependencies
  • The z/VM Cloud Connector depends on the following packages, you need to prepare the packages before starting the installation.
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
      • python >= 2.7
      • python-netaddr >= 0.7.5
      • python-jwt >= 1.0.1
      • python-requests >= 2.6.0
      • python-routes >= 2.2
      • python-webob >= 1.2.3
      • python-jsonschema >= 2.3.0
      • python-six >= 1.9.0
      • zhin >= 3.1.0

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:
      • python >= 2.7
      • python-netaddr >= 0.7.5
      • python-PyJWT >= 1.0.1
      • python-requests >= 2.6.0
      • python-Routes >= 2.2
      • python-WebOb >= 1.2.3
      • python-jsonschema >= 2.3.0
      • python-six >= 1.9.0
      • zthin >= 3.1.0

    • Ubuntu Enterprise Server:
      • python (>= 2.7)
      • python-netaddr (>= 0.7.5)
      • python-jwt(>= 1.0.1)
      • python-requests(>= 2.6.0)
      • python-routes(>= 2.2)
      • python-webob(>=1.2.3)
      • python-jsonschema(>= 2.3.0)
      • python-six(>= 1.9.0)
      • zthin (>= 3.1.0)

  • Install packages
  • Install the z/VM Cloud Connector tool either by setting up a package repository containing zthin, python-zvm-sdk and all the required packages, or just install all the packages directly with the package management tool on your target platform. Before install, please ensure the dependency packages are installed. For different distributions, the install method is different: following is a sample and user can check other ways such as build a repo and perform auto install.

    The xxxxx and yyyyy below need to be replaced by to be installed version.

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
    • rpm -i zthin-xxxxx.rpm

      rpm -i python-zvm-sdk-yyyyy.rpm

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:
    • rpm -i zthin-xxxxx.rpm

      rpm -i python-zvm-sdk-yyyyy.rpm

    • Ubuntu Enterprise Server:
    • dpkg -i zthin-xxxxx.deb

      dpkg -i python-zvmsdk-yyyyy.deb

  • Configure z/VM Cloud Connector Daemon
  • After the python-zvm-sdk package is installed, there's a zvmsdk.conf.sample file under /etc/zvmsdk which contains all the supported configuration options for z/VM Cloud Connector. You can make your own configuration file based on it and name it as zvmsdk.conf at same folder.

    A Configuration sample file is provided in open source documentation.

  • Start z/VM Cloud Connector Daemon
  • The z/VM Cloud Connector daemon server can be started with the following command:
    • # systemctl start sdkserver

    Make sure the server is started normally by checking service status and refer to the verification of server functions for further information.

  • Deploying z/VM Cloud Connector RESTful-APIs into Web Server
  • The recommended deployment for z/VM Cloud Connector is to have a real web server such as Apache HTTPD or nginx handle the HTTP connections and proxy requests to the independent z/VM SDK server runn ing under a wsgi container such as uwsgi.

    A sample uwsgi configuration file named uwsgi-zvmsdk.conf is provided under /etc/zvmsdk/ after the python-zvm-sdk package is installed, you can customize the settings to best fit your environment.

    Please refer to Setup httpd server for how to setup web server to running z/VM Cloud Connector REST-APIs.

Useful links

Demo videos

Maintainer information

This document is maintained by:

Ji Chen
z/VM Cloud Development
Huang Rui
z/VM Cloud Development