z/VM System Delivery Offering General Information

The z/VM SDO Version 5 Release 4.0, program number 5741-A06, is the IBM program offering for z/VM that includes a single deliverable containing z/VM and a group of fully serviced IBM licensed program products.

The z/VM SDO Licensed Product package contains:

  • The z/VM System which is the VM operating system

  • z/VM SDO Optional Products Enabling Aid

  • z/VM SDO Licensed Products.

The z/VM System

The z/VM System provides a highly flexible test and production environment which provides the capability for the installation and execution of additional IBM Licensed Products, the development and execution of applications and the ability to run full-function operating systems as guests.

The z/VM System is a prebuilt VM operating system which is available on 3590 or 3592 tape cartridge, DVD or through electronic Internet delivery. The 3590 and 3592 tape cartridge delivery of the z/VM System is in DDR format. The DVD and the electronic Internet delivery are in binary image format.

Note that the electronic Internet delivery of the the z/VM System and IBM Licensed Products is only available when ordered through ShopzSeries.

Enabling Aid

The Enabling Aid is a z/VM SDO Product and it is recommended that it be installed prior to installing z/VM SDO Licensed Products. The Enabling Aid consists of files that contain information about the SDO Licensed Products. such as Saved Segments, PUT/RSU/ESO levels for the products and sample directory entries.

z/VM SDO IBM Licensed Program Products

The following subsections describe the characteristics of the Licensed Products that are part of z/VM SDO. Installation of the z/VM SDO Licensed Products is supported on the following DASD types:

  • 3390

Licensed Products may be in one of these install formats:

  1. VMSES/E are those products packaged in the IBM Standard VMSES/E Enabled format. One or more Licensed Products may be delivered on a stacked tape so it is important to refer to the Media Report for a product's location.

  2. Semi-VMSES/E are products that were not originally in VMSES/E format but that have been put through an IBM Process that installs the product per the original IBM installation procedure and repackages the installed product in a VMSES/E enabled format. This provides for the installation of the product utilizing standard VMSES/E commands. One or more Licensed Products may be delivered on a stacked tape so it is important to refer to the Media Report for the product's location.

    A Semi-VMSES/E product was previously called 'Pre-Install' format; however, this term was misleading in that it may have indicated that the product was already installed. The name has been changed to better describe the install format type.

    The term 'Pre-Install' may still appear on the Packing List or the Media Report, the Configurator, or Marketing Literature, but should be interpreted to mean Semi-VMSES/E.