Reusable Server Kernel

Help for Problem Tool

This is a simple problem reporting and tracking tool, intended as a means for you to submit problem reports and see the status on all problems.

To see a list of the problems reported, click on the Summary link in the page footer. This will bring up a display of the problems.

To display a particular problem, click on the problem's number in the summary display. You'll see a summary of the problem updates, most recent update first. While you are displaying the problem, you can use the page footer to go back and forth among problems.

To update a problem, click on Update in the page footer. You'll be given a short form to complete - click on the Submit button to send your update. The problem opener will receive an e-mail message indicating that the problem was updated.

To open a new problem, click on the Open New link in the page footer. You will be asked for a minimum of information about yourself and some basic information about the problem you're reporting. The tool will accept your problem report only if all of the fields in the form are completed.

This tool gives out browser cookies for the form fields you'd have to fill out over and over - your name, your e-mail address, and so on. If your browser supports cookies you will have to fill in such fields only once.

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