TCP2PROD LOADBFS Error DTCPRD3038E (Levels 530 and 540)

With TCP/IP level 530, TCP/IP service procedures require that the VMSYS, VMSYSU and VMSYSR filepools be operational when TCP/IP service is placed into production. This is necessary to accommodate service update processing for LDAP server components that reside in the z/VM Byte File System (BFS).

If the servers (VMSERVS, VMSERVU and VMSERVR, respectively) that manage the above-listed file pools are not operational when TCP2PROD is run to process such BFS-resident files, the error messages that follow will be reported:

  DTCPRD3038E LOADBFS command completed with RC = 1
  DTCPRD3021E TCP2PROD processing completed with RC = 8

The following command can be used to confirm that the server for a listed file pool is active:

 query filepool overview filepoolid

For example: active:

 query filepool overview vmsysu:

Note that if the z/VM LDAP server is not, or will not be, used for your installation, a local modification can be made to the 5VMTCP30 CATALOG file to bypass the appropriate file entry, so that processing of LDAP BFS-resident files is not performed. The relevant entry of the 5VMTCP30 CATALOG file that requires modification resides within the :TCPBFS. section, and is shown here:

   &BLD1Z           LDAPSRV  LOADBFS   =        =         LDAPSRV

When marked to be bypassed, the above entry would be as follows (note the leading hyphen (-) character):

 - &BLD1Z           LDAPSRV  LOADBFS   =        =         LDAPSRV

Detailed information about modifying the 5VMTCP30 CATALOG file can be found in Appendices A and B of Program Directory for TCP/IP for z/VM - Level 530 (GI10-0748-00).