TCP/IP for VM Installation Information

    TCP/IP Installation Preventive Service Planning (PSP)

To search for and obtain current Installation Preventive Service Planning (PSP) "bucket" information that corresponds to a given TCP/IP level, use this link:

This facility provides access to PSP bucket Upgrade and Subset information (for software and hardware topics). When using this facility, be certain the Other search criteria selection box cites Upgrade Name when a PSP bucket search is performed.

Provide the applicable Upgrade value in the box associated with this criterion, and that for the subset level of interest, in the "Subset Name" box.

Relevant Upgrade and Subset names for use as search criteria are listed here:

    PSP Upgrade and Subset Names for TCP/IP for z/VM
    Upgrade Subset
    Level 710 PSP Values
    TCPIP710 VM710
    Level 640 PSP Values
    TCPIP640 VM640
    End-of-Service Level PSP Values
    TCPIP630 VM630
    TCPIP620 VM620
    TCPIP610 VM610
    TCPIP540 VM540