TCP/IP for VM Multiple Protocol Server

   MULITSRV - Supported Protocols

MULTISRV is a single daemon (server) application that supports multiple simple Internet protocols. MULTISRV can be run in a single CMS virtual machine that provides support for several protocols at once, or in separate machines that each provide support for only one, or a selected subset, of selected protocols.

MULTISRV provides support for the following Internet protocols:

  • Active User Protocol
  • Character Generator Protocol
  • Daytime Protocol
  • Discard Protocol
  • Echo Protocol
  • Identification Protocol
  • Quote of the Day Protocol
  • Time Protocol

   MULITSRV Status (Updated 30 April 2012)

The latest download package provides the Version 2.3 MULTISRV server. This package was last updated on: 30 April 2012.

More information about the MULTISRV server is available in the desciption of the MULTISRV download package and its on-line documentation.