Remote Printing (LPR) Hints and Tips

   Printing to HP LaserJet and Similar Printers

When the VM TCP/IP LPR command or RSCS LPR support is used to print files to Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet, Apple LaserWriter, and similar printers, initial printing attempts using various queue names often fail, or produce only a header page with no associated text.

However, satisfactory results can likely be achieved using the following options and printer queue names:

  • When printing plain-text files, direct the print file to the text printer queue.

  • To print landscape files, direct the print file to the raw printer queue, and specify the LPR LANDSCAPE option.

Printer queue names are very often case sensitive.

For more information about these queues and their use, consult the appropriate documentation for your printer. For example, for HP printers, the appendix titled " Configuring the HP JetDirect Interface to Use LPD" of the HP JetDirect Network Interface Configuration Guide provides this kind of information.

Additional information may be available from your printer manufacturer's "technical support" Web page. URLs for the manufacturers of several commonly used printers are listed here: