Programming Interface Information:
The Monitor Records are intended Programming Interfaces that
allow the customer to write programs to obtain services of z/VM.


Control Block Contents
Cross Reference


 FUNCTION - Map a Monitor record.
        Through the Monitor control area
        MRRECHDR    Monitor Record Header
 DESCRIPTIVE NAME - Monitor Sample Record
                    Domain 0 - System Domain
                    Record 2 - Processor Data (Per Processor)
 DESCRIPTION - Real System or CPU operation exception.
               A separate record is generated for each online

MRSYTPRP Control Block Contents

Dec Hex  Type       Len  Name (Dim)             Description
  0   0  Structure  104  SYTPRP                 Start of monitor record
  0   0  Character    0  SYTPRP_MRHDR           Record header. See MRRECHDR
                                                for details.
  0   0  Character   20  MRHDR
  0   0  Unsigned     2  MRHDRLEN               record length in bytes
  2   2  Unsigned     2  MRHDRZER               field of zeros
  4   4  Unsigned     1  MRHDRDM                domain identifier
  5   5  Unsigned     1  *
  6   6  Unsigned     2  MRHDRRC                record identifier
  8   8  Character    8  MRHDRTOD               Time at which this record was
                                                built. In time-of-day (TOD)
                                                clock format. See IBM System
                                                370 XA Principle of Operation
                                                for explanation of format.
 16  10  Character    4  *
 20  14  Character    0  MRHDR_END              End of header
 20  14  Unsigned     2  SYTPRP_PFXCPUAD        Real processor's CPU address
 22  16  Unsigned     2  SYTPRP_PLSCUHAF        Count of times a VMDBK was
                                                dispatched with 'hard affinity'
                                                (i.e., dedicated to this
 24  18  Character    8  SYTPRP_PFXPRBTM        Total CPU time spent in
                                                emulation mode on this
                                                processor for all users
 32  20  Character    8  SYTPRP_PFXUTIME        Total CPU time spent on this
                                                processor which was charged to
                                                users. It includes both time
                                                spent running the guest and
                                                time that CP spends on behalf
                                                of a user doing such things as
                                                instruction simulation or page
                                                translation. This is in CPU
                                                time, not elapsed (or wall
                                                clock) time.
 40  28  Character    8  SYTPRP_PFXTMSYS        Total CPU time spent on this
                                                processor which has been
                                                charged to the system instead
                                                of the user. In general, this
                                                is processing that is
                                                inappropriate to charge to any
                                                particular user. Examples
                                                include portions of the
                                                following functions:
                                                scheduling decisions,
                                                handling interruptions,
                                                monitoring, and page migration.
 48  30  Character    8  SYTPRP_PLSVFVTM        Amount of CPU time this
                                                processor has been using the
                                                real vector facility while in
 56  38  Character    8  SYTPRP_PLSVFOTM        Amount of CPU time that this
                                                processor has spent on
                                                switching vector users
 64  40  Unsigned     4  SYTPRP_PLSVFLOD        Cumulative count of the times
                                                CP loads the vector registers
                                                from where they were saved on
                                                guest-owned storage frames.
 68  44  Character    8  SYTPRP_PFXTOTWT        Total system wait time on
                                                this CPU (includes both active
                                                wait and enabled CPU wait). It
                                                is the time this CPU had no
                                                work to do, measured in CPU
 76  4C  Unsigned     4  SYTPRP_PFXRUNCI        Count of interceptions from
                                                SIE on this processor. It does
                                                NOT include interceptions from
                                                SIE instructions issued in
                                                order to run a 'Vguest', i.e.,
                                                a guest of a guest, during
                                                guest SIE simulation. It does
                                                NOT include interceptions
                                                handled by the fast-path
                                                simulation support code.
 80  50  Unsigned     4  SYTPRP_PFXRUNPF        Count of host page faults on
                                                this processor resulting from
                                                guest references to storage
                                                paged out by CP. Does not
                                                include faults on RCP pages
 84  54  Unsigned     4  SYTPRP_PFXRUNCP        Count of instructions from
                                                SIE on this processor. It does
                                                not include instructions issued
                                                in order to run a 'Vguest',
                                                i.e., a guest of a guest,
                                                during guest SIE simulation. It
                                                does not include instructions
                                                issued following a successful
                                                fast-path simulation support
 88  58  Unsigned     4  SYTPRP_CALFSTPH        Count of fast-path
                                                instruction simulations.
                                                PFXFSTSG + PFXFSTXC + PFXFST44
 92  5C  Character    8  SYTPRP_PFXSPINT        Elapsed time in formal spin
                                                locks on this real CPU starting
                                                at zero and counting upwards.
                                                This is measured in TOD clock
                                                units since system IPL.
100  64  Unsigned     4  SYTPRP_PFXSPINC        Count of spin lock requests
                                                on this real CPU since IPL that
                                                were not granted immediately.
                                                The lock was obtained only
                                                after spinning.
104  68  Character    0  SYTPRP_END

MRSYTPRP Cross Reference

                      Hex           Hex
Name                 Offset Length Value
MRHDR                      0     20
MRHDR_END                 14      0
MRHDRDM                    4      1
MRHDRLEN                   0      2
MRHDRRC                    6      2
MRHDRTOD                   8      8
MRHDRZER                   2      2
SYTPRP                     0    104
SYTPRP_CALFSTPH           58      4
SYTPRP_END                68      0
SYTPRP_MRHDR               0      0
SYTPRP_PFXCPUAD           14      2
SYTPRP_PFXPRBTM           18      8
SYTPRP_PFXRUNCI           4C      4
SYTPRP_PFXRUNCP           54      4
SYTPRP_PFXRUNPF           50      4
SYTPRP_PFXSPINC           64      4
SYTPRP_PFXSPINT           5C      8
SYTPRP_PFXTMSYS           28      8
SYTPRP_PFXTOTWT           44      8
SYTPRP_PFXUTIME           20      8
SYTPRP_PLSCUHAF           16      2
SYTPRP_PLSVFLOD           40      4
SYTPRP_PLSVFOTM           38      8
SYTPRP_PLSVFVTM           30      8

This information is based on z/VM V5R1.0.
Last updated on 12 May 2005 at 14:48:00.
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 2004