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Middleware Workload DayTrader (DT)

This workload consists of a Linux client application and a Linux server application that execute on the same z/VM system and are connected by a Virtual Switch (VSwitch). The client application is the Application Workload Modeler client application (AWM), imitating a web browser. The Linux server application is IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 (WAS) providing the IBM WebSphere Application Server Samples - DayTrader (DT) that simulates stock trading with dynamic HTML files. The transactions are stored into an IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition Version 10.1 (DB2) on the same Linux server. On that server also is running the AWM server application (daemon) to communicate with the AWM client. Each AWM client application can have multiple connections to each server application. Consequently, the total number of connections is the product of these three numbers (servers, clients, client connections per server).

This workload can be used to create a number of unique measurement environments by varying the following items:

  • number of server virtual machines
  • number of client virtual machines
  • number of client connections per server
  • size of the server virtual machine
  • number of virtual processors for the client
  • number of virtual processors for the server

Performance data for DT Middleware Workload measurements are collected once the workload reaches the steady-state period (all clients are active and the connections to the DB2 are established).

Here is a list of unique workload scenarios that have been created and measured:

  • A non-constrained workload with enough central storage for all guests.
  • A constrained workload where central storage is overcommitted by a factor of about 1.5.


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