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The following 3 cases were evaluated:

  • VM/ESA 2.4.0
  • z/VM 3.1.0, 31-bit CP
  • z/VM 3.1.0, 64-bit CP

These cases were run in each of the following 3 environments:

  • 2064 2-way LPAR, 1G/2G
  • 2064-1C8, 2G/6G
  • 2064-1C8, 2G/10G

For all 3 environments, throughputs and response times for all 3 cases were equivalent. For all 3 environments, total CPU time per command for VM/ESA 2.4.0 and z/VM 3.1.0 31-bit CP were equivalent within measurement variability. CPU time per command for the z/VM 3.1.0 64-bit case increased relative to the other two cases by 0.8% to 1.8%, depending on the environment. This was due to the 64-bit support, which resulted in CP CPU time per command increases ranging from 5.2% to 7.1%.

All measurements were done using the CMS1 workload. See CMS-Intensive (CMS1) for a description.

Measurement results and discussion for each of these three environments are provided in the following sections.

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