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The following people contributed to this report:

Cherie Barnes
Dorothea Bauer
Bill Bitner
Victor Boyarintsev
Bill Cosnett
Dean DiTommaso
Tom Doster
Wes Ernsberger
John Franciscovich
Bill Guzior
Steve Jones
Virg Meredith
Bob Neill
Bernd Nitsch
Dorin Pascar
Bailey (Bei) Peng
Patty Rando
Walter Roth
Ann Shepherd
Dave Spencer
Marek Szermutzky
Joe Tingley
Xenia Tkatschow
Brian Wade
David Wierbowski

Editor's Note for the z/VM 5.4 Edition

In June 2008 our longtime z/VM Performance Report editor, Wes Ernsberger, retired after more than 39 years of faithful service to IBM, many of which he gave to z/VM and its predecessors. Starting with z/VM 5.4, the responsibility of coordinating, editing, and publishing the report falls to me.

In 1785 Benjamin Franklin retired from his six-year post as American Minister to France. Appointed to fill the position was none other than Thomas Jefferson. When Jefferson arrived in France, the French Foreign Minister, Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, asked him: "Is it you who replace Dr. Franklin?" Jefferson, himself a genius statesman, replied, "Sir, I am only his successor. No one can replace Dr. Franklin."

And so it is with you, Wes. Best wishes in your retirement.

Brian Wade
September 19, 2008

Editor's Note for the z/VM 6.4 Edition

During the development of z/VM 6.4 our longtime mentor, colleague, and friend Virg Meredith retired after 52 years of faithful service to the performance of IBM's mainframes. Virg spent many of those years helping both the VM products and literally generations of VMers to become the best they could be. Virg, we miss you and wish you the very best in your retirement.

Brian Wade
November 11, 2016

Other Notes

In memoriam, Joe Tingley, May 10, 2012.
In memoriam, Dean DiTommaso, September 6, 2017.

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