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Performance Management

These changes affect the performance management of z/VM and TCP/IP VM.

  • Monitor Enhancements
  • Effects on Accounting Data
  • VM Performance Products

Monitor Enhancements

One of the key changes to CP Monitor for z/VM 4.2.0 is that the record layouts are now included on the VM Home Page in the same section as the VM Control Block reference material. Visit our control blocks page for more information.

The changes to data content involved support for the HiperSockets function. Domain 0 Record 20 (Extended Channel Path Measurement Data record) was enhanced to include information on channel paths associated with HiperSockets. This involved adding a new channel model group type. In addition, some information was added to records generated by the VM TCP/IP stack related to the HiperSockets function.

Effects on Accounting Data

None of the z/VM 4.2.0 performance changes are expected to have a significant effect on the values reported in the virtual machine resource usage accounting record.

VM Performance Products

This section contains information on the support for z/VM 4.2.0 provided by VMPRF, RTM, FCON/ESA, and VMPAF.

VMPRF support for z/VM 4.2.0 is provided by VMPRF Function Level 4.1.0, which is a preinstalled, priced feature of z/VM 4.2.0. The latest service is recommended, which includes updates that extend the domain 0 record 20 (Extended Channel Measurement Data) support to include the current control units. VMPRF 4.1.0 can also be used to reduce CP monitor data obtained from any supported VM release.

RTM support for z/VM 4.2.0 is provided by Real Time Monitor Function Level 4.1.0. As with VMPRF, RTM is a preinstalled, priced feature of z/VM 4.2.0. The latest service is recommended, which includes the following additional QUERY ENV display output: processor model, processor configuration data, LPAR configuration data, and (if applicable) second level VM configuration data.

To run FCON/ESA on any level of z/VM, FCON/ESA Version 3.2.02 or higher is required. Version 3.2.03 of the program also implements some new monitor data, and it provides an interface for displaying Linux internal performance data; this is the recommended minimum level for operation with z/VM 4.2.0. The program runs on z/VM systems in both 31-bit and 64-bit mode and on any previous VM/ESA release.

Performance Analysis Facility/VM 1.1.3 (VMPAF) will run on z/VM 4.2.0 with the same support as z/VM 4.1.0.

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