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Performance Management

These changes affect the performance management of z/VM and TCP/IP VM.

  • Monitor Enhancements
  • Effects on Accounting Data
  • VM Performance Products

Monitor Enhancements

There were relatively few changes to monitor this release. The most significant change is the location of the monitor record layout file. Previously, this was shipped as the MONITOR LIST1403 file on MAINT's 194 disk. For this release, the LIST1403 file will not be shipped. The record layouts can be found on our control blocks page.

Three fields were added in support of the fast CCW translation enhancements made this release. Fields have been added to the system global data record (domain 0 record 19, D0/R19) for the following:

  • Number of CCWs translated successfully through the fast path for network devices
  • Number of CCWs for network devices that were not eligible for the fast path
  • Number of CCW for network devices where the fast path was attempted, but had to be aborted.

Comments were also changed on existing CCW translation fields in this record to reflect that they are for DASD devices.

Effects on Accounting Data

None of the z/VM 4.1.0 performance changes are expected to have a significant effect on the values reported in the virtual machine resource usage accounting record.

VM Performance Products

This section contains information on the support for z/VM 4.1.0 provided by VMPRF, RTM, FCON/ESA, and VMPAF.

VMPRF support for z/VM 4.1.0 is provided by VMPRF Function Level 4.1.0, which is a preinstalled, priced feature of z/VM 4.1.0. VMPRF 4.1.0 should be run on z/VM 4.1.0 and can be used to reduce CP monitor data obtained from any supported VM release.

The SYSTEM_FACILITIES_BY_TIME report (PRF104) has been updated to include columns showing counts for the fast CCW translation for guest network I/O that is new to z/VM 4.1.0.

RTM support for z/VM 4.1.0 is provided by Real Time Monitor Function Level 4.1.0. As with VMPRF, RTM is now a preinstalled, priced feature of z/VM 4.1.0.

The RTM SYSTEM screen has been updated to include counts for fast CCW translation for guest network I/O.

To run FCON/ESA on any level of z/VM, FCON/ESA Version 3.2.02 or higher is required. Fix level 26 of the program also implements the new monitor data for fast CCW translation of network adapter CCWs; this is the recommended minimum level for operation with z/VM 4.1.0. The program runs on z/VM systems in both 31-bit and 64-bit mode and on any previous VM/ESA release.

Performance Analysis Facility/VM 1.1.3 (VMPAF) will run on z/VM 4.1.0 with the same support as z/VM 3.1.0.

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