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Summary of Key Findings

This section summarizes key z/VM for z13 performance items and contains links that take the reader to more detailed information about each one.

Further, the Performance Improvements article gives information about other performance enhancements in z/VM for z13.

For descriptions of other performance-related changes, see the z/VM for z13 Performance Considerations and Performance Management sections.

Regression Performance

To compare the performance of z/VM for z13 to the performance of previous releases, IBM ran a variety of workloads on the two systems. For the base case, IBM used z/VM 6.3 plus all Control Program (CP) PTFs available as of June 2, 2014. For the comparison case, IBM used z/VM for z13 at the "code freeze" level of February 10, 2015. All runs were done on zEC12.

Regression measurements comparing these two z/VM levels showed nearly identical results for most workloads. ETRR had mean 1.03 and standard deviation 0.03. ITRR had mean 1.02 and standard deviation 0.03.

Key Performance Improvements

z/VM for z13 contains the following enhancements that offer performance improvements compared to previous z/VM releases:

Simultaneous Multithreading: On z13 z/VM for z13 can exploit the multithreading feature of the z13. See the chapter for more information.

System Scaling Improvements: On z13 z/VM for z13 can run in an LPAR consisting of up to 64 logical CPUs. See the chapter for more information.

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