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Extended Address Volumes (EAV) Paging

z/VM has continued to improve its memory management and paging capability, especially from a scaling perspective. If increasing memory requirements have become a challenge for you, the new EAV Paging Support allows a drastic reduction in the number of required paging volumes. For those of you looking to standardize on EAV, the new support eliminates a reason to do something different for z/VM paging volumes.

The new z/VM EAV capability extends the advantage of hosting a large number of virtual machines in a single footprint, when the required memory of the virtual machines increases.

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EAV Paging Support allows a z/VM 7.1 system to page to EAV devices, increasing the amount of paging storage supported and/or reducing the number of volumes, by using volumes up to 18 times larger, to achieve a given amount of paging space.


increase to page cylinder limits

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For information on how to download EAV Paging PTFs and install on z/VM 7.1, please visit: