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Dynamic Crypto Support

z/VM Dynamic Crypto allows you to add or remove Crypto Express adapters without shutting down z/VM or the second-level guest. This new z/VM function strengthens the high availability of the IBM Z and LinuxONE platforms. z/VM Dynamic Crypto allows the reassignment and allocation of crypto resources without an IPL. Additionally, the reliability of shared-use cryptographic resources has been improved through better detection of AP hardware errors.

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Allows greater flexibility and less disruption managing z/VM crypto resources

Dynamic Crypto features:

  • Add or remove crypto hardware without an IPL
  • Reassign and allocate crypto resources without an IPL
  • Greater flexibility to change crypto resources between shared or dedicated use
  • Improves reliability, availability, serviceability of shared use crypto resources

Available now

For information on this new function for z/VM 7.1, please visit: