VM and e-business - Tools and Downloads

Included in the VM Download Library are these and a number of useful other tools.

  • Try H2S for translating HTML into raw Script commands
  • With DMGR tool, here's how a number of users, each equipped with a Web browser, can participate in a set of online dialogs (conferences, forums, or whatever they're called in your culture), such dialogs mediated by a VM web server.
    This tool was contributed by Brian Wade.
  • The B2H tool, developed by Gary L. Richtmeyer, easily converts BookMaster, GML, Script/VS, and "flat" files to HTML.
  • Count the number of accesses to a page with the COUNTER tool, developed by Richard Lewis.
  • Tools used to manage the VM home page, VMHP collection of tools, written by Brian Wade, VM Webmaster.
  • DOCTOPIC provides web access to BookManager books stored on VM/CMS. DOCTOPIC was contributed by Jonathan Scott (IBM UK).
  • With Personal Net Machine (PNM) tool, you can convert your virtual machine into a special purpose web server meant to serve exactly one user via a standard browser interface. PNM was created by Steve Shultz of IBM S/390.
  • VM Search engine, read how IBM VM webmaster, Brian Wade, created a sophisticated VM search engine in less than a day via a few EXECs, the Reusable Server Kernel and CGI's.


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