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From Steven P. Gessner:

This package contains a script to validate the configuration files that reside on a z/VM OpenStack compute node. In addition to validating the z/VM related properties within the various configuration files, the script creates a driver script used to drive the installation verification program (IVP),, which is shipped with z/VM V6.3 and above in the xCAT virtual machine. The script was introduced in z/VM V6.3 with APAR VM65513 / PTF UM34270.

The validation script:

  • Generates INFO messages cl which notify the user of missing configuration properties that are optional.
  • Generates WARNING messages which warn of missing required properties.
  • Produces a simple IVP driver script named where xxxx is the IP address of the compute node which is used to drive the xCAT script on the xCAT Management Node.