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From Chuck Brazie:

2014/02/18 - Added more description on running the script.

This package includes REXX execs that issue 2 SMAPI API calls. These are for the Image_Disk_Delete_DM API call and the Image_Volume_Space_Remove_DM API call. These exec's can be used when you do not have the ability to run directory manager commands from MAINT.

These REXX execs can be useful for xCAT cleanup of the ISO disks. To remove and recreate the ISO disks you need to first run a script against the XCAT node to stop the LVM for the ISO disks. To run this script log in as admin to the xCAT user interface. Then click on Nodes->Nodes. Click the checkbox for the xcat node; then select Actions->run script Enter the following in the large entry box and then press Run:

  1. umount /dev/xcat/repo
  2. vgchange -a n xcat
  3. yes|vgremove xcat

From MAINT issue a "FOR XCAT CMD QUERY VIRTUAL DASD" Record the DASD at addresses 200-2FF along with the volume ids for them. This is where xCAT attaches the ISO volumes. Compare the volume ids with the ones on the "XCAT_iso = " in DMSSICNF COPY on MAINT 193 disk.

Then issue from MAINT "SIGNAL SHUTDOWN XCAT WITHIN 10" After the XCAT userid indicates it shutdown, verify that the XCAT userid is not logged on; otherwise force it off. You can now use the following two execs to remove the 200-2FF vdevs from the XCAT userid and remove the groups and regions from the volumes. After that you can then XAUTOLOG XCAT back on and it will recreate the LVM using the ISO disks from the DMSSICNF COPY.

This package includes the following 2 execs:


    This is a REXX EXEC with a call to the Image_Disk_Delete_DM through an IUCV connection request. Pass in the vdev to be removed from the XCAT directory.


    This is a REXX EXEC with a call to the Image_Volume_Space_Remove_DM API through an AF_IUCV connection request. Pass in the volume id with the regions and groups to be removed from the directory manager.