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XASTOR is a multi-functioned, programmable, full-screen storage examiner. It can be used to display system storage, CP virtual storage, and storage belonging to other virtual machines. It includes facilities for labelling addresses, chasing chains, and locating symbols and control blocks. It can be used to examine physical tape and disk records as ell as CMS blocks and CP pages on DASD.

XASTOR provides a SUBCOM environment which enables Rexx macros to be written to map storage environments, chase complex chains, and perform other user- designed functions. The SUBCOM environment can be used without a display, enabling Rexx execs to examine storage, read tape and disk records, etc.

This is version 2.1.0 of XASTOR for z/VM V5R2. Displays are limited to 31-bit guests and host logical storage.

The LOCK command is used to lock all viewed pages owned by other virtual machines into host logical storage, and is followed by an UNLOCK command. This may have performance implications if pages were previously locked. If you use XASTOR to view pages of virtual machines that are usually locked, use the LOCK command to lock them again afterward.

The use of the '.V' suffix and the TRANS subcommand are now limited to the translation of second-level virtual addresses to second-level real addresses, i.e. when a SETSTO subcommand has been used to establish a segment table origin for a logical screen. Host real storage cannot be accessed.

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