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* :nick.WITHHOLD   :sec.Unclassified         :disk.IBMVMGAT                     
* :title.Calculate Federal/state Withholding Allowances                         
* :version.9+      :date.93/01/15   :summary.NONE     :support.X                
* :oname.David R. Welsh             :onode.RCHVMV     :ouser.WELSH              
* :aname.David R. Welsh             :anode.RCHVMV     :auser.WELSH              
* :sw.IOS3270, SCRNCOPY                                                         
* :lang.REXX       :source.Y                                                    
* :kwd.US Income tax, withholdings                                              
* :abs.Helps to set the values for Federal (and state) income tax               
* withholding allowances. Also contains information on how                      
* earmarking money for the TDSP affects your take-home pay.                     
      WITHHOLD LICENSE  *                                                       
* The following exec is the base exec - the one that does most of the           
* work, and has the screen definitions                                          
      WITHHOLD EXEC     *                                                       
* The following is one example of how a state calculation exec is to be         
* coded. Information is enclosed within, and is mainly by example               
      WITH$$MN EXEC     *                                                       
* The following is an exec set up for states that don't have any income         
* tax. It does preciously little, other than answer WITHHOLD's requests         
      WITHNSTX EXEC     *                                                       
* The following is one example of a state specific exec that uses               
* WITHNSTX.                                                                     
      WITH$$ZZ EXEC     *