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This package creates a virtual machine named VMLOGS to act as a repository for Consoles and any data file that needs to be accessible for a predetermined number of days. The data transfer uses the Spool system. Any file sent to VMLOGS will be received in its 191 mdisk and erased when its age are reached. The system is supplied setting the age for 60 days, but it can be adjusted.

All Consoles (Class T files) are intercepted from Spool and stored on VMLOGS' 191 mdisk, keeping the spool clean.

Addressing all the Consoles to VMLOGS, by code in PROFILE EXECs or entries in USER DIRECT, permits a centralized way to monitoring what happened with all users, including Linux machines, at least for the previous two months.

Other packages can be installed inside VMLOGS (193 mdisk) and started when needed, using the timed functions of VMLOGS.

All files received on the mdisk 191 are suffixed by a number, to avoid replacement due duplicated names.

The package includes a file VMLOGS CONTENTS with instructions to install