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**********************  Unclassified  **********************************
* :nick.VMLINK     :sec.Unclassified                  :disk.IBMVMGAT
* :title.VMLINK - Link and Access tool for CMS 10 and below.
* :version.3.1.27  :date.96/07/11   :summary.NONE     :support.X
* :oname.Bruce Hayden               :onode.ENDVM5     :ouser.HAYDEN
* :aname.Bruce Hayden               :anode.ENDVM5     :auser.HAYDEN
* :sw.REXX compiler, Pipes
* :ops.VM/XA, VM/ESA                :lang.REXX        :source.Y
* :doc.HELPCMS
* :abs.VMLINK is a "smart" link and access tool.  It is a standard part
* of CMS 11 and later.  This is the old internal tool which will run on
* older releases of CMS.
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.
* Programs
      VMLINK   EXEC     *  The main exec (compiled)
      VMLINK   SEXEC    *  Source code
      $@VML$NK XEDIT    *  Screen manager, uses XEDIT (compiled)
      $@VML$NK SXEDIT   *  Source code for screen manager
      AUTOL$NK EXEC     *  Implements "VMLINK (AUTOLINK RUN".
* List if differences between this VMLINK and CMS VMLINK
      VMLINK   DIFFEREN *  List of differences
* Help files (CMS)
      VMLINK   HELPTASK *  Task menu for VMLINK
      VMLINKI  HELPCMS  *  Main help
      VMLINKE  HELPCMS  *  Help for using VMLINK in execs
      VMLINKN  HELPCMS  *  Help for creating a names file
      $@VML$NK HELPCMS  *  Help for the VMLINK menu
      AUTOL$NK HELPCMS  *  Help for using Autolinks
* Optional/sample control files
      VMLINK   SCONTROL *  Rename to VMLINK CONTROL to activate
      VMLINK   $SPROFIL *  Rename to VMLINK $PROFILE to activate
      VMLINK   SAMPNAME *  Rename to VMLINK NAMES to activate
* Optional NLS files
      VMLUME   REPAMENG *  Source file for NLS messages
      VMLUME   TEXT     *  Production file of NLS messages