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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium

TSLAMON is an EXEC that was written in 1997 to report CPU and PAGE waits in real time (something the RTM/ESA doesn't do).  The code is written in REXX and CMS Pipelines and obtains its input from CP's monitoring function.

This code -a 400 line EXEC- is not at all a full-blown performance monitor.  If you want to obtain more than just CPU and PAGE wait reporting in real time, consider the code merely as a model.  Some comments are included to have it calculate and display the users' CPU usage.  Other extensions will require REXX and Pipelines experience.

Furthermore, you should adapt some hard-coded constants in the EXEC, otherwise it will run, but probably not report what/where you want.

In V1.1, the reporting interval used by TSLAMON can be higher than the CP MONITOR interval.