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From Mike Walter, Hewitt Associates LLC:

The TODALLOW EXEC is intended to be called from the PROFILE EXEC of AUTOLOG1. It is used to prevent AUTOLOG1 from continuing with standard AUTOLOG commands and other procedures if the current date and time are outside defined limits.

TODALLOW compares the current date/time to the date/time of the most recent file on a specified, accessed CMS minidisk (e.g an OPERATOR system console log file - select one that is frequently updated). If the current date/time are different by more than a specified time range (e.g. 02:00 hours) from that file, a message is issued to a specified userid (typically OPERATOR) and an reply is required from that user before the new date/time is accepted and standard procedures continue. This gives the Operator a chance to shutdown and change the TOD clock before application damage (tapes scratched, files deleted, etc.) can occur.

The only pre-requisites are CMS Pipelines, and the IBM-distributed RXTOD MODULE (on MAINT's 193 disk).

Updated 2000-10-13 to accept 'WNG' from OPERATOR, and reduce the time window between setting MSG/WNG/SMSG IUCV and waiting for a response, and better handle manual interrupts.