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From Ronald van der Laan:

This package allows you to control the CP timebomb function from CMS.

Using this CMS module you can:

  • Initialize (arm) the timebomb with a countdown value (in seconds) and a CP command to be invoked when the countdown reaches zero.
  • Change (snooze) the countdown clock to a later time.
  • Cancel (disarm) the timebomb.

A simple test shows the functionality:
TIMEBOMB INIT 30 MSG * Booooooommmmmmmmm......
When you are quick enough and issue within 30 seconds:
Then you get another 60 second before the bomb explodes to disarm it...

The TIMEBOMB module will display its required parameters when it gets invoked with something it can't grok and all the sources are included with a readme that contains the build instructions.