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SSIQSERV package

z/VM 6.4 introduced a new CPSERVICE query that lists the service and modifications that are part of the running system.  In an SSI cluster of systems, it is very helpful to know if all of the systems have the same list of service installed on each one.  Manual processes could be used, but this exec was created to provide an easy way to compare all of the systems.

The output of this exec looks a lot like the output to QUERY CPSERVICE, with additional information added to each line.  The added information shows either the systems that do not have the service or modification installed, or (with the ALL option) states that the service or modification is installed on all members.

The exec also has an option to write the output to a file.

Here is the syntax of the exec.  All arguments are optional.

            | .--<-----. |   '-ALL-' '-FILE-'
  • member is a list of specific SSI members to query.  The default is to query all active (joined) SSI members in the cluster.  The local member is always included in the output.
  • ALL is an option to show all the installed service in the output.  The default is to only show the service missing from one or more members.
  • FILE is an option that writes the output to a file instead of the screen.  The file is named SSIQSERV OUTPUT A.

Usage notes.

  1. If the exec is run while one or more SSI members are down, it can only report on the joined members.  An error message is displayed listing the members that could not be queried.
  2. The local member of the SSI cluster is always included in the output, even if it is not specified as a member to query.  If you want to compare SSI members and not include the local member, run the command from an SSI member that you want included.
  3. If any SSI members are z/VM 6.3 or 6.2, the installed service from those members can't be analyzed and all service will be missing from those members.  An error message is also displayed.  The recommendation is to specify only the 6.4 (or later) members to analyze.
  4. If the exec is run on a non-SSI system or on an SSI cluster with only one member or only 1 joined member, then the the output from CP QUERY CPSERVICE ALL is shown.

Some sample output:

Default output, showing what is not installed.

APAR        PTF
VMRSU04     UMRSU04     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65355     UM34984     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65481     UM34941     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65644     UM34950     Missing from SYSVM2
No local modification data found.

Showing all the installed service.

 ssiqserv all
APAR        PTF
VMRSU02     UMRSU02    *Installed on all members
VMRSU04     UMRSU04     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65355     UM34984     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65884     UM34890    *Installed on all members
VM65885     UM34886    *Installed on all members
VM65886     UM34887    *Installed on all members
VM65889     UM34888    *Installed on all members
VM65897     UM34915     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65899     UM34895    *Installed on all members
VM65900     UM34913     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65902     UM34909     Missing from SYSVM2
VM65905     UM34924    *Installed on all members
No local modification data found.

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