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From Mark Lorenc, IBM:

SPFPACK will determine which spool files are on an individual SPOOL VOLUME. This is useful when 'draining' a pack for determining what files are left on that pack. It can be used to scan system spool packs for files residing on a particular pack or on a specific cylinder on a pack. Files with data on the specified spool pack or particular cylinders on a spool pack are listed in a file called SPFPACK MATCH on the issuer's A-disk.

This package can be useful in identifying all the spool files on a particular spool pack which is being "drained" so as to be taken offline. The CP DRAIN function provided by VM can mark a spool pack as "drained" meaning that no new slots will be allocated for files on that volume. It does not remove already existing files from that volume however. The following procedure may be used to identify and remove all spool data from the target volume.

  1. Issue the CP DRAIN (Disk) command to drain the target volume.
  2. Run the SPFPACK EXEC to create a list of spool files which have data on that volume.
  3. Use the resulting SPFPACK MATCH file to SPXTAPE DUMP the files identified above.
  4. Purge the files once they are dumped to tape.
  5. SPXTAPE LOAD the files back into the system from the tape.

Purging the original files removes them from the volume being drained. Reloading the files with SPXTAPE LOAD causes the files to be brought back into the system but none of the data will be placed on the target volume since it is "drained".

System Data Files such as NSS files require special consideration. The SPFPACK EXEC includes these files in the SPFPACK MATCH list. When they are purged they may not go away completely since they may be in use and go into pending purge status. The volume may not be able to be taken offline until those files are actually purged.

The SPFPACK package has the following dependencies both of which are available as packages on the VM Download Library.

  • SPOOLCHN MODULE (optional for performance)