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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium
The purpose of SMARTX is twofold:

  • Help the occasional users of RTM/ESA or VM/RTM to find and execute the available RTM commands.
  • Keep the data returned by RTM in an XEDITed CMS file.

    When in the XEDIT file, PFkeys are available for various functions:

    • Obtain description of the RTM keywords
    • Plot data using GDDM/REXX
    • Automatically repeat an RTM command
    • ...
  • The PROFSMRT XEDIT macro can be very useful when viewing saved SMART reports.

Recent Change History V 6.3.b 4 Dec 1997
V 6.3.c 19 Dec 1997
V 6.3.d 25 Jun 1998
V 6.3.e 5 Aug 1998
V 6.3.f 27 Nov 2002

Prerequisites: On VM/ESA: RTM/ESA (5798-DWD). On VM/SP or VM/ESA 370-feature: VM/SP RTM (5796-PNA) To plot charts: CMS Pipelines, GDDM, GDDM/PGF and GDDM/REXX.

SMARTX Version 6.3b highlights - 4 Dec 1997

There's only 1 change: the addition of the MDCLOG report in the list of "recognized" RTM reports. This allows two things:
  1. Jumping to the MDCLOG report in a big RTM listing (enter PROFSMRT while XEDITing an RTM listing)
  2. Easy plotting of values included in MDCLOG (by using SMARTG EXEC from FILELIST; e.g. SMARTG / MDCLOG: RVDR )

For this change, only SMARTOPT EXEC has been changed. If you tailored this EXEC, scan my version for 6.3b (near the end).

SMARTX Version 6.3c highlights - 19 Dec 1997

There's are 2 small changes, only for users on CMS 13 (or higher) that produce GDDM graphs:
  1. The header of the graph includes the weekday
    (e.g "Friday - 12/19/97" tells you more than "12/19/87")
  2. By default RTM/ESA starts new logs at 23:59:xx. This date is misleading. An Example:
    TOD VM/ESA CPU9672  ... DATE 12/18/97 START 23:59:53   header =  12/18
    H:M NC %CPU %US %EM ...   NV %VT %OT RSTR %ST PSEC
    2359 2   27 5.5  20 ...    0 .00 .00    0  21  180     data from 12/18
    0000 2   46 9.1  33 ...    0 .00 .00    0  27  401     data from 12/19
    0001 2   54  14  37 ...    0 .00 .00    0  17  496     data from 12/19
    0003 2   41 9.2  28 ...    0 .00 .00    0  26  460     data from 12/19
    ......              ...                                data from 12/19
    Until now, the header in GDDM graphs tells 12/18/97, which is misleading. SMARTG XEDIT has been changed to increment the data by 1 if the log starts at 23:59:xx.

For these changes, only SMARTG XEDIT has been changed. As for both items we use REXX's new DATE function, CMS Rel 13 or higher is required.
On older CMS releases, SMARTG works as before. If you have your own REXX date convertion functions, and want the extra function, you can modify SMARTG XEDIT: issue ALL /date(/ in XEDIT to find the area to change.

SMARTX Version 6.3d highlights - 25 Jun 1998

There's are 3 small changes:
  1. SMARTREP has better support to jump to next/prev report in saved SMART reports that have no print control character in column 1.

    SMARTREP is the macro that displays the jump bar in while XEDITing a SMART report: you place the cursor on a report, and press enter to jump to the indicated report. It is activated by entering PROFSMRT while in XEDIT.

    In any case, it is still better to save SMART reports with a print control character (so using DEPRINT or PIPE READER|MCTOASA|STRIP TRAILING|> SMART LIST A )

  2. The online help for SMARTG includes a few hints and tips about using GDDM. This text existed in the SMARTX SCRIPT file, but was ommitted from the online help.

  3. SMARTX's documentation is available as a HTML document

SMARTX Version 6.3e highlights - 5 Aug 1998

One very small change:

When the SMART(XA) COMMANDS file resides in SFS, two users with write authority could not concurrently use SMARTX (as XEDIT locked the file). A similar problem occurs when the SMART CONSOLE file resides in SFS.

The problem is solved; NOLOCK options have been added in SMART EXEC and SMART XEDIT.

The other change can help GDDM users on small systems: sometimes SMART returns .... instead of a number. This caused a syntax check in SMARTG. We avoid the problem by changing the .... into a 0, not perfect but the best we can afford now.

SMARTX Version 6.3.f highlights -27 Nov 2002

z/VM support has been added to fix two problems:
  • The intermediate headers were not removed in DISPLAY xxx COMPLETE reports.
  • The other problem was that the "jump to next report" function didn't work. You would see this when you XEDIT a big RTM listing, and enter PROFSMRT to get SMARTX functions in this report. One of the functions is a "jump bar" that allows you to quickly navigate through the report.