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The Spool File List Tool (SFList) is intended to make life easier for a class D user when working with spool files. Spool files can be viewed, received, purged or transfered to another user ID.

The SBROWSE request allows viewing even open spool files (e.g. console logs).
This requires, however, access to full-pack overlays for all SPOOL volumes (or OPTION DEVMAINT) and privilege class E to allow direct access to a file's control and data blocks on disk. Support is provided for both 3390 and FBA spool volumes.

The SPOOLVOL reports introduced with V.1.3 of SFLIST show how the actual spool data blocks are distributed on the system's spool disks. This function requires ALSO PRIVILEGE CLASS E. ON SYSTEMS PRIOR TO Z/VM 7.2 IT ALSO NEEDS ACCESS TO full-pack overlays of all spool packs, like the SBROWSE function.

Documentation is provided in CMS help files.

Direct comments or questions to: Eginhard Jaeger
or Dave Jones

Change history:

  • 2022-03-31 V1.0: Initial distribution to VM download page.
  • 2022-04-11 V1.1: Update to support FBA DASD and new command invocation.
  • 2022-10-30 V1.2: Includes
    - FIX004 Adapt SBROWSE to tolerate z/VM 7.3 control block layout.
    - FIX005 Include system data files (NSS, DCSS, IMG, NLS ..) obtained via diag. x'04'.
    - FIX006 Add test for correct TRANSFER execution and reply message format, avoid abend.
  • 2023-05-22 V1.3: Extended to include new 'SPOOLVOL' and 'SPOOLVOL volser' reports with information on distribution of spool file blocks on different spool volumes. Also includes
    - FIX001 Extend HELP logic to allow showing screen descriptions
    - FIX002 Fix initial files count logic (avoid 'insufficient storage' message when no files found on a queue).
    - FIX003 Fix spool file data buffer extend logic.
    - FIX004 Change code to use bit map returned with SPFBK diag. x'D8' when available (z/VM 7.2 and later).
  • 2023-07-18 V1.3 Refreshed to include recent fixes:
    - FIX005 Prevent abend 0C4 at x'xxxB12' when lots of spool volumes used.
    - FIX006 Screen SFL005: fix sort selection when shifted right, different prompting message when no full-pack spool volume overlays available.
    - FIX007 Screen SFL002: fix creation time sort selection