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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium

SESTOOLS contains various execs I use to manage VM/SES installed software.

Version 1.3September 2011
The description of the delivered execs has been improved a bit. And, all EXECs now have introduction comments (when the only comments were changed, the files' time stamps were left unchanged).
Will detect files listed more than once in a VMSES PARTCAT. Without this check a double file would yield misleading information (such as "file xyz is not included" in VMSES PARTCAT).
Version 1.2December 2009
Some more or less important bugfixes. Look inside the SESCOMP EXEC for details.
Newly added. Front-end to VMFSETUP: lists all products you have installed (it reads VM SYSRECS D)
Newly added. This exec lists which files are changed on an accessed MDISK or any SFS directory. It is not the same as "FILELIST (AFTER somedate": we consult the VMSES PARTCAT to find which files have been COPYFILEd, Generated, Created, ... on the given MDISK/SFS-dir. Very useful after a VMFBLD or VMFREC.
Version 1.0
Move software from mindisks into SFS. As opposed to IBM's MOVE2SFS EXEC, you can move the components in any filepool, and filespace you want. No need to keep the hard-to-remember names like VMSYS:4TCPIP40. You can use for example SFSESA:MAINT440.TCPIP. Remembering the prodids of ICKDSF, RSCS etc is even harder.
In addition, you can also select your own PPF and component name. No need either to move every minidisk of a component into SFS, you can select which minidisks you want to move.
Compairs two VMSES PARTCATs and lets you copy products files from one mindisk/SFS dir to the other. For example: you can use SESCOMP to merge two versions of MAINT 19E and copy missing SW pieces to a newly acquired MAINT 19E.
Another function of SESCOMP is to check if all files on a minidisk (or SFS directory) are described in the VMSES PARTCAT. You get some help to catalog the missing files in VMSES PARTCAT.