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* :nick.SCRUSCRD        :sec.Unclassified                                       
* :title.XEDIT Macros to Scroll Up and Down by Cursor position                  
* :version.3.0          :date.86/06/24   :scp.                                  
* :oname.David R. Welsh                  :onode.RCHVMV   :ouser.WELSH           
* :aname.David R. Welsh                  :anode.RCHVMV   :auser.WELSH           
* :bname.                                :bnode.         :buser.                
* :support.X    :doc.HELPXEDI     :lang.REXX       :source.Y                    
* :sw.XEDIT/sp3 or higher                                                       
* :kwd.XEDIT SCROLL                                                             
* :abs.Macros to scroll the XEDIT screen based on cursor position.              
* The line that contains the cursor becomes the top/bottom                      
* line of the screen. If the cursor is not in the filearea,                     
* a full page is scrolled.                                                      
      SCRUSCRD LICENSE  *                                                       
      SCRU     HELPXEDI *                                                       
      SCRU     XEDIT    *                                                       
      SCRD     HELPXEDI *                                                       
      SCRD     XEDIT    *