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From Steve Shultz, IBM:

This tool allows one to access the VM System Management API (SMAPI) functions via sockets instead of RPC/CSL. In doing so, it also supports multitasking, SSL, and dynamic addition of SMAPI functions.

The tool consists of a "request" server that clients may communicate with via standard streaming sockets, and any number of worker servers that actually perform the SMAPI functions. The worker servers (of which there should be at least 2) are divided into one "fast call" server for those SMAPI functions that are short and do not require communication with the directory manager, and any number of "long call" servers for the rest of the SMAPI functions. The number of long call servers can be updated dynamically in either direction. See the SCKSMAPI README file for a LOT more information on how to:

  • Set up the servers
  • Use sockets to contact the request server
  • Dynamically add or delete long call servers
  • Dynamically add new SMAPI functions

Because the tool consists of 2 types of servers, the SCKSMAPI VMARC file actually consists of two other VMARC files, SCKSMAP1 and SCKSMAP2. The first one is the packed files for the request server and the second one is the packed files for the worker servers. The SCKSMAPI README tells you how to make use of each of these sets of files.