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**********************  Unclassified  **********************************
* :nick.RXDISP     :sec.Unclassified                  :disk.IBMVMGAT
* :title.CMS REXX display utility
* :version.1.1     :date.95/01/03   :summary.PACKAGE  :support.X
* :oname.Tom Bartenstein            :onode.ENDVM1     :ouser.BARTENST
* :aname.Tom Bartenstein            :anode.ENDVM1     :auser.BARTENST
* :sw.CALLER
* :lang.REXX       :source.Y
* :doc.SCRIPT
* :abs.RXDISP "compiles" screen definitions into REXX code that runs
* under XEDIT.  The "screens" communicate with the calling exec through
* CALLER, mimicing a cross between IOS3270 and ISPF.
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference
      RXDISP   EXEC     *
      RXDVER   XEDIT    *
      COMPSCR  XEDIT    *
*------- Documentation...---------------------------
      RXDISP   SCRIPT   *