Description of RSK-GA

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From Brian Wade, IBM:

This package contains certain "extras" for the RSK that were present in the beta offerings but not in the GA PTF. Included in this package are:

  • A sample HTTP server. This server lets you serve static HTTP items (HTML, GIFs, JPGs, whatever) using RSK technology. It cannot do CGIs or HTTP basic authentication. It can be configured for new types of content (new MIME types) and can serve from SFS or BFS.

  • Complete source for the sample HTTP server. This is intended to illustrate how to write a server using the RSK. However, if you have the PL/X compiler and are interested in modifying the sample server, this source should let you do it.

  • Some diagnostic tools. These let you look at the contents of an RSK authorization set and let you look at main storage (memory) utilization.

See the RSK page for information on how to get the GA level of the RSK.