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From Byron Graham:

This package is the driver code for a service machine that will enable dynamic control for RSCS printers. The RSCSOP server must be granted operator authority via an 'AUTH RSCSOP *' statement in the RSCS CONFIG file. If you also make this server the SCIF for RSCS it will monitor and start printer links whenever files are queued (in case the normal auto-start function has become disabled).

Ideally, the RSCSOP server uses a filecontrol SFS directory to store its main authorization file. Whenever you update the auth file you simply send a RELOAD command to the RSCSOP server and it updates its internal authorization matrix immediately. Users issue their SMSG commands to RSCSOP for DRAIN, START, FLUSH, etc. and RSCSOP in turn executes the commands on their behalf & echoes messages back to the appropriate user.

The code can be easily modified to add other special 'traps', such as notifying someone if a particular link becomes disabled, etc. Comments internal to the code should document all processes.

Requires WAKEUP, PIPEs, and RSCS V3.2 (traps hardcoded for specific RSCS message prefixes).