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RSCS Minidisk Transfer Utility


Version Date Change ------- -------- ---------------------------------------------------- 1.1.2 19990615 Independent of VMPOPUSH and PIPSYSF. Data chops no longer tersed (leave it to RSCS or network hardware). Backward compatible if PIPSYSF is available. 1.1.1 19970306 Year 2000 support.


RSCSMDSK is a utility to copy a CMS minidisk to one or more destinations via the RSCS network.


  • Easy to use: To copy your A-disk to JOHN at DOENODE, enter: RSCSMDSK JOHN AT DOENODE ( FM A

    The minidisk is read and transmitted via RSCS. To create the minidisk at the destination, provide a CMS formatted minidisk with the same characteristics as the original, locate the GLUEINFO file in RDRLIST and execute

    MDSKGLUE / ( FM filemode

    against it. The relevant spool files are read, glued together, and the minidisk is rewritten.

  • No work space required: Data is transferred directly between mini- disk and spool.
  • Multiple destinations: Multiple destinations may be specified.
  • RSCS list processor utilisation: If multiple destinations are speci- fied, RSCSMDSK will automatically utilise the RSCS list processor if available on the local node. The user may specify another node where RSCSMDSK should utilise the list processor, should the local node not support the list processor. The list processor is an RSCS faci- lity that minimises network traffic by sending only one copy of the data on each link, even though data is to be sent to multiple desti- nations.
  • Data chops: Data is chopped into 500k spool files to avoid blocking the network. The user may specify a different chopsize.


  • CMS Pipelines level 110A0007, the level shipped with CMS14 or higher.


Finn Skovgaard.