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* :nick.REMEMBER        :sec.Unclassified                                       
* :title.REMEMBER an XEDIT session, for recreating later                        
* :version.5.0          :date.86/08/25   :scp.VM/sp3                            
* :oname.David R. Welsh                  :onode.RCHVMV   :ouser.WELSH           
* :aname.David R. Welsh                  :anode.RCHVMV   :auser.WELSH           
* :bname.                                :bnode.         :buser.                
* :support.X    :doc.HELPXEDI     :lang.REXX       :source.Y                    
* :sw.                                                                          
* :kwd.XEDIT SAVE                                                               
* :abs.REMEMBER helps save an XEDIT session. Much is remembered,                
* including Screen format, Files in the ring, current line in each,             
* Select levels on the various lines, and more. The session can be              
* RECALLed later. (Note: Uses SOS TABCMDF - i.e. Don't use if you run           
*                  with CMDLINE OFF.)                                           
* Ever had some complicated XEDIT session going, and someone comes by and       
* says it's time for lunch? REMEMBER helps out. REMEMBER will create an         
* exec (and supporting files) which will re-create the session when you         
* come back.                                                                    
      REMEMBER LICENSE  *                                                       
      REMEMBER XEDIT    *                                                       
      REMEMBER HELPXEDI *                                                       
* RSTATUS is the PID STATUS macro with some changes. It's used by               
* REMEMBER to get much of the information.                                      
      RSTATUS  XEDIT    *