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From Steve Shultz, IBM:

This routine is a custom SMAPI routine that returns the SSI member of an active virtual machine. See the Systems Management Application Programming boook in the z/VM library for instructions on how to install and invoke custom SMAPI routines.

This routine takes no parameters beyond those required for all SMAPI calls. One of those required parameters, "target identifier", is the userid of the virtual machine to be queried. The output consists of the return and reason codes as with all SMAPI routines, plus an ascii string composed of null terminated substrings of all SSI members where the userid is currently active. In the case of IDENTITY virtual machines, the userid may be active on any and all SSI members. In the case of USER virtual machines, the userid can only be active on exactly one SSI member. If the userid is active within the SSI cluster, both the return and reason codes are 0. If the userid is active on a non-SSI LPAR, the return code is 4 and the reason code is 0. If the userid is not currently active, the return code is 8 and the reason code is 0.