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From Steve Shultz, IBM

The Personal Net Machine converts your virtual machine into a special purpose web server meant to serve exactly 1 user via a standard browser interface. That user has access to all of his own virtual machines resources e.g. virtual storage, file space, applications, data. Because the user interface is a standard browser, the applications and data include personal and system provided graphics files, html applications, java applications, and intelligent agent applications, in addition to the data and applications normally available to a virtual machine.

The Personal Net machine support consists of 2 servers. The first one is a "normal" web server that is accessible via a URL in the same way that one accesses any other web server. It is used to authenticate the identity of the user and start up the second server. The second server is the actual Personal Net Machine that runs in the user's virtual machine. Once started, it handles all transactions with the user. The first server is entirely "out of the loop". Included with the second server are some sample applications to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Personal Net Machine. See the PNM README file for a LOT more information.

Because the support consists of 2 servers, the PNM VMARC file actually consists of two other VMARC files, PNMSRV1 and PNMSRV2. Each of these is the packed files for one of the servers. PNM README tells you how to use each of these sets of files.