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 = '3.29 27 Jan 2000'
Corrected a minor error which caused an error window to be generated
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Package Description.

Package name PIPEFIND
Version 3.29
Updated 00/01/27
Author Les Paton
Alternative author Les Paton
Userid les_paton
Software requirements Rexx, PIPELINES, CMS FULLSCREEN
Operating System VM/ESA, VM/SP
Software language used Rexx
Source code provided,
Y(es) or N(o)
Summary provided
in file
Documentation provided
in file
VERY FAST, PIPE-based file searcher. Variety of search functions. Optional FullScreen interface with context-sensitive help. Multi-target capability. Optional "fuzzy" and DBCS search capability.

Package Content within the VMARC file.

      PIPEFIND LICENSE  * License instructions for the VM DownLoad Library. 
      PIPEFIND EXEC     * Run time code
      PFDUME   REPOS    * Message repository
      PFDUME   TEXT     * Message repository, run time code
* Run time code  ( PIPE filters ).
      PIPEFIND OPTIONS  * Build an options table.
      PIPEFIND SETOPTS  * Set/recover options.
      PIPEFIND INITVARS * Initialise variables on startup.
      PIPEFIND SETVARS  * Clear resources on close down.
      PIPEFIND RESOLVE  * Resolve what support we have.
      PIPEFIND CHKVALID * Check for valid support levels.
      PIPEFIND PARSETGT * Decode the target specification.
      PIPEFIND PARSEOPT * Decode the options string.
      PIPEFIND WRITELST * Write results out to a file.
      PIPEFIND BLDSPEC  * Build a search specification.
      PIPEFIND READPROF * Read and decode the profile PIPEFIND $PROFILE.
      PIPEFIND MATCH    * Determine if two strings match.
      PIPEFIND GETMODE  * Get a free FileMode.
      PIPEFIND WORKDISK * Determine which FileMode to use as work disk.
      PIPEFIND BLDLIST  * Decode a File Specification.
      PIPEFIND GETFILES * Build the list of files to be searched.
      PIPEFIND DATESEL  * Support DATE discrimination on files.
      PIPEFIND PROGRESS * Display progress of the search.
      PIPEFIND HALT     * Halt/Interrupt the search.
      PIPEFIND SLASHSUB * Parameter substitution in command string.
      PIPEFIND LINKDISK * Support DISK and TEMPDISK options.
      PIPEFIND DVDRTYPE * Support for the ITEMS option.
      PIPEFIND ITEMTABL * Support for the ITEMS option.
      PIPEFIND DBCS     * Support DBCS in the target string.
      PIPEFIND KEYWORDS * Support KEYWORDS in the target string.
      PIPEFIND FUZZY    * Support fuzzy targets in the target string.
*                         Very significant performance improvement can
*                         be obtained when running a "FUZZY" search if
*                         PIPEFIND FUZZY is compiled.
      PIPEFIND INITFSCN * Initialise FullScreen support.
      PIPEFIND CHKNEWS  * Check the news broadcast - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND FINDOPTN * Find option pointed at by cursor - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND BLDEXTR  * Extract an Item - FullScreen support.
      PIPEFIND READHELP * Read HELPCMS file - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND SORTOVLG * Sort an OVVM Office Log file - Fullscreen.
      PIPEFIND SORTFORA * Sort a FORUM file - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND SORTNOTE * Sort a NOTEBOOK file - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND GENLOG   * Build an OfficeLog file - Fullscreen.
      PIPEFIND FIXOVLOG * Tidy up an Office Log file - Fullscreen.
      PIPEFIND DELNOTES * Delete notes from original Log - Fullscreen.
      PIPEFIND DESCRIBE * Describe files - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND HELPCMS  * Help file
*                         NOTE, when running the FullScreen interface
*                         provided by the program there is a dependency
*                         on the HELPCMS file being present.
      PIPEFIND SCRIPT   * Program description ******NOTE******* PACKED
*                         using COPYFILE.
      PIPEFIND STATS    * Report usage statistics.
      PIPEFIND NEWS     * News file
      PIPEFIND $PROFILE * User customises to their needs.
      CONVHELP XEDIT    * Macro used to generate SCRIPT from HELPCMS.
*     PIPEFIND $XEDIT   * Not supplied with this package.
*     This XEDIT  profile is ( optionally  ) created by the  user for use
*     while XEDIT'ing a file from the results panel or running an SCHANGE
*     scan. If  not found then  the users  default XEDIT profile  is used
*     for that scan. For information on  what is required in this profile
*     see  HELP  XEDIT  SCHANGE.  NOTE, filetype  **really**  is  $XEDIT,
*     **not**  XEDIT.  Program renames,  in  storage,  to $PIPEFIN  XEDIT
*     before using.  This avoids the  situation where, when  invoking the
*     exec  from  the  XEDIT  command  line,  you  have  to  precede  the
*     invocation with the word EXEC.
*     PIPEFIND REXX     * Obsolete as of release 3.00
* Dependencies....
*    Program was developed and tested on CMS 10, results on a system with
*    a CMS of lower level are  unpredictable.  If you experience problems
*    then use the IUO version of PIPES.
*    Some function is dependent on the use of IUO PIPES, you are given
*    a warning message if you attempt use of these functions and the
*    necessary PIPES level is not available.
*    TERSED files will  be handled transparently if you  have the
*    UNPACKX stage, which as of writing is in the PIPSYSF MODULE.
*    If you have the PICK stage then DATE discrimination will be done at
*    the individual append level within a FORUM-type file.
*    The DBCS option requires the support of the PIPEDBCS PACKAGE, which
*    can be found on VMTOOLSB.
* Nice to have ( NOT dependencies )....
*     WINMAKER PACKAGE  From VMTOOLS ( Provides a variety of fullscreen
*                                      functions )
*     SEE      PACKAGE  From VMTOOLS ( Intelligent viewing of "items" )
*     PIPINIT  EXEC     From VMTOOLS ( Loads IUO PIPES if necessary )
*  or PICKPIPE PACKAGE  From VMTOOLS ( Loads IUO PIPES if necessary )
*     OMNIFIND MODULE   From VMTOOLS ( Makes linking disks easier )
*     PIPEDBCS PACKAGE  From VMTOOLSB( For DBCS searches )
* PIPEFIND FORUM on IBMVM exists as a discussion forum for this package.
* You may be interested in the companion package called PIPEDOCS.....
* Searches the actual document content, not just the subject line
* as in the normal OFFICE Search.
* Variety of search functions. Optional FullScreen interface with
* context-sensitive help. Multi-target capability. Optional
* "fuzzy" and DBCS search capability.