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 = '3.24 02 Mar 1998'
Fixed an interface problem on VARIN.

Package Description.

Package name PIPEDOCS
Version 3.24
Updated 98/03/02
Author Les Paton
Alternative author Les Paton
Userid les_paton
Software requirements Rexx, PIPELINES, CMS FULLSCREEN
Operating System VM/ESA, VM/SP
Software language used Rexx
Source code provided,
Y(es) or N(o)
Summary provided
in file
Documentation provided
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Abstract VERY FAST, PIPE-based document searcher. Searches the actual document content, not just the subject line as in the normal OFFICE Search. Variety of search functions. Optional FullScreen interface with context-sensitive help. Multi-target capability. Optional "fuzzy" and DBCS search capability.

Package Content within the VMARC file.

      PIPEDOCS LICENSE  * License instructions for the VM DownLoad Library.
      PIPEDOCS EXEC     * Run time code
      PFDUME   REPOS    * Message repository
      PFDUME   TEXT     * Message repository, run time code
* Run time code  ( PIPE filters ).
      PIPEDOCS OPTIONS  * Build an options table.
      PIPEDOCS SETOPTS  * Set/recover options.
      PIPEFIND INITVARS * Initialise variables on startup.
      PIPEFIND SETVARS  * Clear resources on close down.
      PIPEFIND RESOLVE  * Resolve what support we have.
      PIPEFIND CHKVALID * Check for valid support levels.
      PIPEFIND PARSETGT * Decode the target specification.
      PIPEFIND PARSEOPT * Decode the options string.
      PIPEFIND WRITELST * Write results out to a file.
      PIPEFIND BLDSPEC  * Build a search specification.
      PIPEFIND READPROF * Read and decode the profile PIPEDOCS $PROFILE.
      PIPEFIND MATCH    * Determine if two strings match.
      PIPEFIND GETMODE  * Get a free FileMode.
      PIPEFIND WORKDISK * Determine which FileMode to use as work disk.
      PIPEFIND DVDRTYPE * Support for the ITEMS option.
      PIPEFIND ITEMTABL * Support for the ITEMS option.
      PIPEFIND DBCS     * Support DBCS in the target string.
      PIPEFIND KEYWORDS * Support KEYWORDS in the target string.
      PIPEFIND FUZZY    * Support fuzzy targets in the target string.
*                         Very significant performance improvement can
*                         be obtained when running a "FUZZY" search if
*                         PIPEFIND FUZZY is compiled.
      PIPEFIND INITFSCN * Initialise FullScreen support.
      PIPEFIND CHKNEWS  * Check the news broadcast - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND FINDOPTN * Find option pointed at by cursor - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND BLDEXTR  * Extract an Item - FullScreen support.
      PIPEFIND READHELP * Read HELPCMS file - FullScreen.
      PIPEFIND SORTOVLG * Sort an OVVM Office Log file - Fullscreen.
      PIPEFIND GENLOG   * Build an OfficeLog file - Fullscreen.
      PIPEFIND FIXOVLOG * Tidy up an Office Log file - Fullscreen.
      PIPEDOCS HELPCMS  * Help file
*                         NOTE, when running the FullScreen interface
*                         provided by the program there is a dependency
*                         on the HELPCMS file being present.
      PIPEDOCS SCRIPT   * Program description ******NOTE******* PACKED
*                         using COPYFILE.
      PIPEFIND STATS    * Report usage statistics.
      PIPEDOCS NEWS     * News file
      PIPEDOCS $PROFILE * User customises to their needs.
*                         If not found then PIPEFIND $PROFILE is used.
      CONVHELP XEDIT    * Macro used to generate SCRIPT from HELPCMS.
*     PIPEDOCS $XEDIT   * Not supplied with this package.
*     This XEDIT  profile is ( optionally  ) created by the  user for use
*     while XEDIT'ing  a document  from the results  panel. If  not found
*     then a  check is made for  the existence of PIPEFIND  $XEDIT and if
*     that is not found then the  users default XEDIT profile is used for
*     that scan. For information on what  is required in this profile see
*     HELP XEDIT  SCHANGE. NOTE,  filetype **really** is  $XEDIT, **not**
*     XEDIT.  Program  renames,  in  storage, to  $PIPEDOC  XEDIT  before
*     using.  This avoids  the situation  where, when  invoking the  exec
*     from the  XEDIT command  line, you have  to precede  the invocation
*     with the word EXEC.
*     PIPEDOCS REXX     * OBSOLETE as of release 3.00.
*     PIPEDOCS WRITELST * OBSOLETE as of release 3.01.
* Dependencies....
*     OV/VM Program Product ( OFFICE or PROFS MODULE )
*    Program was developed and tested on CMS 10, results on a system with
*    a CMS of lower level are  unpredictable.  If you experience problems
*    then use the IUO version of PIPES.
*    Some function is dependent on the use of IUO PIPES, you are given
*    a warning message if you attempt use of these functions and the
*    necessary PIPES level is not available.
*    The DBCS option requires the support of the PIPEDBCS PACKAGE, which
*    can be found on VMTOOLSB.
* Nice to have ( NOT dependencies )....
*     WINMAKER PACKAGE  From VMTOOLS ( Provides a fullscreen interface
*                                      into the search mechanism and of
*                                      the results )
*     SEE      PACKAGE  From VMTOOLS ( Intelligent viewing of "items" )
*     PIPINIT  EXEC     From VMTOOLS ( Loads IUO PIPES if necessary )
*  or PICKPIPE PACKAGE  From VMTOOLS ( Loads IUO PIPES if necessary )
*     PIPEDBCS PACKAGE  From VMTOOLSB( For DBCS searches )
* PIPEFIND FORUM on IBMVM exists as a discussion forum for this package.
* You may be interested in the companion package called PIPEFIND.....
* Variety of search functions. Optional FullScreen interface
* with context-sensitive help. Multi-target capability.
* Optional "fuzzy" and DBCS search capability.

Enjoy this package. If you have any questions or observations then send them to me by clicking on my name at the top of this page.