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From Dave Jones:

The PCR utility and related tools supports PL/I routines to be nucxloaded into CMS storage and then invoked as either CMS commands, Rexx functions and subroutines, or CMS "immediate" commands. Multiple PL/I routines can be loaded and managed at once, all sharing common data structures.

PCR is similar to the CMS NUCXLOAD and NUCXDROP commands, but is designed to work with PL/I modules, and allows them to share data structures and retain allocated data structures between invocations. Modules are given a logical name by which they are invoked, in addition to a nucleus name (nucxname) with which they are loaded. The logical name can be invoked either as a Rexx function or subroutine, as a normal CMS command through the command line, as a CMS immediate command, or as a subcommand environment handler. Examples of each of these are given below.

PCR makes creating these types of routines much easier as they can be now written in PL/I instead of Assembler.

Release 1.0