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From Jack Crast, IBM

This package provides an interface for executing Java commands without prior installation of the OpenExtensions VM/ESA Shell and Utilities feature.

The directory /usr/openvm/java/bin, created by the installation of this package, contains CMS modules which allow calls to JDK tools using the openvm run command. The directory, /usr/openvm/java, contains sample Rexx execs which can be downloaded to a CMS minidisk or SFS directory.

The /usr/openvm directory ties together Java, NetRexx, and the SG245148 package ("VM/ESA Network Computing with Java and NetRexx" RedBook Sample Programs) to allow the use of the RedBook NRC and NRR commands. The default CLASSPATH includes the individual CLASSPATH entries required to use these three packages well as the current working directory. Additional search elements can be appended to the start of the CLASSPATH search list using the CMS GLOBALV command.

For more information on using NetRexx and Java outside the shell environment refer to the ITSO Redbook "VM/ESA Network Computing with Java and NetRexx" ( SG24-5148-00).