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From Brian Wade, IBM:

This program, intended for use with Fullscreen CMS, changes the workings of the session manager. The mode of operation becomes more like an ASCII terminal, with new output always written at the bottom of the screen and scrolling off the top. The program processes only output directed to the CMS virtual screen (that is, the window to be scrolled must be connected to the CMS VSCREEN). When the CMS window is specified, this program will actually scroll the top-most window which is connected to the CMS virtual screen.

Specifically, the screen is scrolled whenever:

  1. A read is issued to the terminal using RDTERM (WAITRD).
  2. A read is issued to the terminal using LINERD.
  3. A line has been written to the terminal using WRTERM (TYPLIN).
  4. A line has been written to the terminal using LINEWRT.
  5. A line has been written to the CMS virtual screen using WRITE.
  6. A CMS terminal command has completed.

In addition, the cursor is always explicitly placed in the command input area (instead of being put in the output area) whenever a read is issued. This feature can be disabled by specifying the NOCURSOR option.

The user may specify that data lines read from the terminal are to be displayed in a different color or highlighting than the default for the virtual screen. However, due to the ad hoc method in which this function is implemented, only data which is entered in response to a WAITRD or LINERD will be processed (that is, type-ahead lines will be displayed using the default values). In addition, only the first line of a multi-line field will be colored or highlighted.

Sam Drake, Ron Hoffman, and Brian Wade, all of IBM, contributed to OTTOSCR.